Toolbox Team Gear

I've put a selection of stuff that I think folks were looking for up, but if there was something that you were hoping for but don't see, let me know. I can add more as time allows. 

All of the items are from Printful. As such, here are a couple of caveats and things to note - PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!
  1. I have not ordered samples of any of the items yet, so cannot 100% vouch for the quality. That said, I have used Printful in the past (Pogo could speak to the embroidered trucker cap fit & quality!) and have had good results. Print-on-demand quality can vary wildly as they use multiple vendors. 
  2. Please review the size charts carefully. Printful will take returns for misprinted/damaged/defective items but not for ordering the wrong size. 
  3. Products are shipped directly from Printful's vendors, so please do not try to select Pick up during checkout.
  4. I have added a small markup to compensate me for my time designing items and setting up the shop.
Hopefully, this all works seamlessly, all of the products are amazing, and everyone is happy! But this is all a new and grand experiment, so I apologize in advance for any hiccups and thank you all for your patience and for being my guinea pigs. 😅