Artist Statement

My work is an invitation. An invitation to take life less seriously and have fun. To let go of who we think we're supposed to be and embrace who we are. It is an invitation to connect with each other through courage and curiosity. 

I am an enthusiastic participant in processes that cannot be rushed - ceramics, printmaking, and textiles. Each medium informs and inspires the others. I shape, carve, and print, finding pleasure in the flow of these slow, meditative activities. I draw inspiration from the folk art traditions of Japan to connect to my heritage. I play with form, color, and symbol, layering and repeating until they evolve into my own language. A stray mark or awkward shape becomes a new word in my vocabulary. I resist judging and enjoy the journey.

My aesthetic is purposefully unsophisticated, childlike, and lighthearted.  It's a subtle reminder that by abandoning unrealistic expectations, we open ourselves up to finding joy in the little things.


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